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Perla AluCast uses a unique payment system. This system ensures that you pay a lower cost price and is linked to our ‘price guarantee’.

One of the main cost items in every aluminium casting is the material component. We provide you with a full breakdown of this material component of the price in advance. The material component is linked to the London Metal Exchange “cash buyer” listing and the Dollar-Euro exchange rate to which you have access at all times. The other part of the price is determined by the finishing/processing tasks and the logistics. You can pay these costs to us up to 90 days after delivery! When the order is being placed, we require security from our customers for the material component before we purchase the aluminium. This amount depends on the weight of the casting product.

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Advance payment for materials when placing an order

Payment for the material component of the casting is made when the order is being placed. The production process is initiated after receipt of this down payment. The material component in the cost price depends on the weight of the casting product. For a heavier aluminium casting, a larger part of the final price will be determined by the materials that are used. Below, you can find the percentages that we apply at Perla AluCast. You should pay the remaining component up to 90 days after delivery.

  • Casting product of 5 to 99 grams, material component 20% of product price
  • Casting product of 100 to 249 grams, material component 30% of product price
  • Casting product of 250 to 499 grams, material component 40% of product price
  • Casting product of 500 grams to 10kg, material component 50% of product price


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