Delivery will take place in accordance with your requirements and wishes

To guarantee that your product indeed complies with all the specifications in the product file, our aluminium foundries have a high-quality measuring chamber and access to a 3D measuring machine, X-ray equipment and spectrometers, which they can use to perform material analyses. If you wish, before sending the delivery we can provide you with a comprehensive measurement report in which the measurement results are recorded. That way, you can always be assured that the delivered products indeed comply with the requirements you specified in the product file.

But things can still go wrong even when a perfect aluminium product comes out the mould. The finishing or assembly with non-cast components is perhaps one of the last steps in the process, but it is definitely a step that must be implemented very carefully. That is why we use the in-house CNC machines of our production partners as much as possible, so that repeatable quality is guaranteed. The assembly can also take place here. That means we are always in control, while at the same time taking advantage of the cost benefits that China and India have to offer. In this way, Perla AluCast can combine low costs with Dutch reliability and quality of delivery!