When you have an initial idea, a rough sketch or a technical drawing of a product, the actual casting in aluminium is just one part of the entire casting process. With 20 years of experience, Perla AluCast has the knowledge in-house to be able to advise you during every step or throughout the process. For a number of steps in this process, we even do this free of charge, regardless of whether you are already a customer or not. The casting process includes the various phases of the total procedure.

For every step in the casting process, you can use Perla AluCast’s expertise:

  • Develop a product idea into a technical drawing
  • Develop a casting mould for different casting methods
  • Adjust an existing mould that is not functioning properly
  • Cast a first series using an existing mould that is functioning properly

  • Your Dutch point of contact

    As the supplier of your fully assembled casting product, Perla AluCast is also your Dutch point of contact. Whether you are a purchaser or designer, we would be happy to advise you during every step of the casting process. For 20 years, we have been a key figure in coordinating the complete aluminium casting process, but our great strength is that we have experts in-house who have hands-on experience of manufacturing moulds, casting them in a factory and then assembling or finishing the casting. Based on our in-depth experience, we can immediately identify possible sticking points in the process and make the necessary adjustments at an early stage. We produce the moulds in-house with our partners in China and India, and we also travel there regularly for production and coordination activities. Our great strength is our close involvement with your casting product.