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The main tool when casting aluminium is the mould. Indeed, the quality of the ultimate casting product depends on the mould. Perla AluCast therefore spends a great deal of time developing the best possible moulds. Our factories in China and India have teams of engineers and aluminium casting experts that focus on this task. That means you are always assured of the best mould for an attractive price.

The mould is a hollow mould into which the liquid aluminium is poured and in which it solidifies. The mould usually consists of two halves that together form the negative of your product. Under pressure, the halves are pressed against each other and the liquid aluminium is poured into the mould opening or injected under pressure.

Perla AluCast develops and produces the mould in-house on the basis of the technical drawing of your casting product. The mould is first developed as a 3D model using various computer programs, such as Solid Works. When the mould has been developed on computer level, casting simulation software is used to view and measure the casting (link) to ensure that the mould is indeed fulfilling its function properly. Our experts use this simulation software to see whether the flow, the filling and the temperature progression are correct.

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Even if you already have a mould, you can still contact us for your aluminium casting. If you have a properly functioning mould, we can often start production straight away if the mould fits on our machines. This usually requires just a minor adjustment before production can be initiated straight away. These are minor adjustments that should only be made to the outside of the mould.

However, if you are not satisfied with your casting products and the mould is the cause, Perla AluCast can identify the problems of the specific mould for you and solve them by adjusting the mould internally. We only do this for customers who also outsource their production to us.

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