Low pressure die casting

With low pressure die casting, the mould is positioned horizontally in the machine. The liquid aluminium is compressed into the mould from underneath, at low speed and low overpressure through a riser pipe. This expels all the air out of the product cavity and creates a non-porous casting with high strength. To increase the strength even more, additional heat treatment can be used on the casting. The process is fully automatic, thus guaranteeing constant quality
Unlike high pressure and gravity die casting, differences in wall thickness are not a problem. In addition, undercuts and hollow spaces are formed using sand moulds.
Low pressure die casting is ideal for pressure-tight castings with complex shapes and high strength requirements, such as cylinder heads, pump components and housings for bearings.
The price of a low pressure die casting is comparable to a gravity die cast product as long as the weight is more than around 1 Kg. For lighter castings, low pressure die casting is approximately 20% more expensive.

Characteristics of low pressure die casting

+ Wall thickness at least 3 mm
+ Product weight at least 1 Kg and at most 20 Kg
+ Maximum product dimensions of around 350 x 350 x 375 mm
+ Non-porous, strong and pressure-tight casting
+ Undercuts and drilling perpendicular to the partition possible using sand moulds

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