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Saving on the costs of aluminium casting is not just a matter of outsourcing casting production to a low-wage country. More than once it has turned out that a product that was outsourced to a random foundry in China could ultimately not be delivered on time or not in the desired amount or without errors. In such cases, you end up paying extra costs for transport, you have to disappoint your customer because the amounts are not correct, or you must perform extra finishing work yourself in order to correct errors. After evaluating the casting procedure, it turns out that the decision to use this Chinese foundry was a financial mistake and an extra headache rather than a clever cost-saving move.

At Perla AluCast, we relieve our customers of the stress of searching for the right partners for each part of the casting process, and also of the logistical formalities of arranging freight consignments and clearance at customs. Because we know that cost savings involve much more than just having your casting manufactured in a low-wage country.

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We also take care of the entire logistical process and combine the transport of your product with other deliveries in special container transports. This results in major cost savings for you.

We combine all of these tasks with the actual casting process in India and China.

Because Perla AluCast will become your sole, local and reliable link in the chain, you will have much greater supply security in addition to the direct cost savings that you make. In relation to other parties, this can save you significant costs in relation to repair jobs or extra transport.

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