Aluminium high pressure die casting

With high pressure die casting or injection casting, the liquid aluminium is injected into the steel mould under high pressure. Injection casting is a fully automatic process. An injection-casting machine consists of two large plates on which half of a mould is attached. When the machine is closed, the two mould halves are pressed against each other with great force to prevent the mould from opening during the afterpressure phase. The injection casting process is carried out in three phases:

  • After the liquid aluminium has been poured into the shot cylinder, the pouring duct is first filled relatively slowly as far as the product cavity.
  • Then the product cavity is filled at high speed. This takes place in just a few milliseconds.
  • The last casting phase is the compression phase: During the process, very high pressure is applied to the still liquid aluminium (up to as much as 1200 bar) to compress the product. After the aluminium has solidified, the machine opens and the product is ejected.
  • Advantages of aluminium high pressure die casting

    + Complex shapes possible
    + Thin-walled castings possible
    + Non-discharging cavities can be formed using side-moulds
    + Good surface quality
    + Very high dimensional accuracy, finishing not necessary in most cases
    + Repeatable quality due to fully automated production process
    + Relatively low price for the casting

    Disadvantages of aluminium high pressure die casting

    – Relatively high investment for the mould
    – No heat treatment possible

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