Aluminium foundries

Perla AluCast manufactures your castings in two different foundries. Our partners are located in Coimbatore, India and in Shenzhen, China. For each product request, we assess which foundry is best suited to the production of your casting.

We have a direct influence on the capacity and the production planning. Both in India and in China, we work in close partnerships and we are regularly present there ourselves. Thanks to these close partnerships, our level of involvement is very high, giving our customers the security they need.

In China, we mainly produce aluminium injection-moulded products: High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC). We have several different injection-moulding machines with a closing force varying from 160 to 800 tons. We have the right injection-moulding machine for almost every injection-moulded product.

In India, Perla AluCast mainly uses the more labour-intensive Gravity Die Casting method (GDC) and Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC). We also have a number of injection-moulding machines with a tonnage varying from 60 to 350 tons.

Quality and reliability

Both of our partners are ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified. This means that we (also) comply with the highest quality requirements of the automotive industry. An extra guarantee that your product is in good hands.

In addition, in both foundries we have CNC machinery to finish your casting products error-free and in large series. In this way, we guarantee the repeatability and reliability of your end product. We produce the moulds and other production tools in our tool shop. That saves you time and money. We also arrange for the (sub) assembly of castings – where required, with non-casting components – and in our measuring chambers we have 3D measuring machines to guarantee the required quality.