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Perla AluCast specialises in the production and supply of aluminium casting. In addition, our designers, logistical staff and aluminium experts are employed full-time at Perla AluCast.

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Ed van den Akker

I have enjoyed working in the world of aluminium casting for more than 20 years. I started my career in a Dutch foundry and then started up a large number of new casting products at partner foundries in Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam and India. I have an in-depth knowledge of aluminium foundries and extensive hands-on experience. Over the past few years, I have been using my expertise to develop, produce and assemble complete end products such as traffic lights and LED street lighting.

I can help you develop castings, from the original idea up to and including serial production. Feel free to contact me to discuss and map out the possibilities and ideas for your product.
TELEPHONE +31(0)15-2033100

Aluminium Experte Ed

Joost de la Mar

More than 20 years ago in Delft, I started supplying aluminium (casting) products to SME customers. Now Perla AluCast is part of an innovative group of companies with more than 40 employees. Besides my extensive knowledge of the casting process, I am also very experienced in manufacturing products in a smarter way so that we can realise cost savings for you. I can help you finish aluminium components and assemble them into composite products. You can always call or email me to discuss what we can offer you.
TELEPHONE +31(0)15-2033100

Aluminium Experte Joost

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