Perla AluCast

For over 20 years, Perla AluCast has been producing aluminium castings for West European customers. We supply our aluminium castings to a wide range of markets. Our products are used in the automotive, agricultural, shipping and mechanical engineering sectors, for example. Amongst other things, we produce aluminium components for (mobile) scaffolds, fencing and lighting as well as for (greenhouse) construction.

We are a very reliable partner for your aluminium castings. You can communicate clearly with us about every phase of the aluminium casting process. We have extensive expertise when it comes to aluminium casting techniques, aluminium alloys and casting moulds.


It is our mission to supply high-quality casting at competitive prices. We do this at our own production locations in India and China. Our aim is to create long-term partnerships and we believe in a personal approach. Because we get to know you and your product at an early stage, we can implement (cost-saving) improvements for the production process.

You can always contact us directly by telephone or by email. We would like to invite you to an introductory meeting at our offices in Delft. Our experts will be happy to help you.

Orange Pearl

Perla AluCast is part of the Orange Pearl Innovation Group. Orange Pearl, an SME with its registered offices in Delft, is active in more than 40 countries worldwide. We want to continue to grow but we also want to stay independent and relatively ‘small’ at the same time. Orange Pearl creates ‘orange pearls’, which is a metaphor for unique and sustainable (product) innovations. These innovations are part of the triangle of technology, ecology and biology.

Perla-AluCast office