• Aluminium cooling element
  • Aluminium brake shoe for lifeboat
  • Aluminium foot support for captain’s chair
  • Aluminium hinge for speedgate
  • Aluminium housing for agricultural robots
  • Aluminium lamp holder for design lamps

Experts in aluminium casting

Based in Delft, Perla AluCast has been supplying aluminium castings to a broad network of European customers since 1994. We produce high-quality casting at competitive prices. Because we are ourselves active in our foundries in India and China, the chain is very short. We are closely involved in and are responsible for the production of your product in our foundries, which means we don’t just pass on your order to third parties. For you, in addition to the significant cost savings that you enjoy a partnership with Perla AluCast also means greater reliability and the error-free and punctual delivery of your aluminium castings.

What does this mean for you in practice?

Are you a product designer, purchaser or product manager and are you looking for a reliable (sparring) partner and supplier for your aluminium castings? Perhaps because you:

  • want to produce a new or existing casting
  • are looking for advice for the development of a new casting
  • are looking for a higher-quality aluminium casting
  • are curious about whether you can save costs

  • If so, contact us free of obligation. Based on your product idea or drawings, a 3D model or a product sample, our aluminium experts will determine the best casting process for you. By making smart mould adjustments, for example, we can ensure that the casting process is faster and cheaper. And perhaps even more important: that there are no rejects!

    What can you expect from Perla AluCast?

  • We translate your requirements and wishes directly (with no intermediaries) and produce castings in accordance with a clear product file
  • We manufacture castings not only for customers with new products but also for customers with existing aluminium products
  • Because we get to know you and your product at an early stage, we can implement (cost-saving) improvements for the production process
  • In our factories, we manufacture casting tools and other production resources, which we offer at competitive prices
  • Thanks to combined container transports from China and India, we can quickly and easily respond to your logistical needs
  • We can realise inexpensive and reliable finishing and assembly for you
  • Our unique payment system guarantees you a low cost price that is linked to the LME exchange rate